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Rodania is a Swiss watch brand with a history dating back to
1930, originating in the region of Berne, Switzerland. Over the decades, the brand has experienced significant milestones.

In 1937, Rodania created the official watch for the Universal Exhibition in Paris, marking its entry into the world of high-end watchmaking.

In 1947, Rodania made a significant stride in horological innovation by introducing one of the first alarm movements in collaboration with the esteemed movement manufacturer AS (Adolf Schild). The partnership with AS, a renowned name in the industry, underscored Rodania's dedication to craftsmanship and precision.

Period of innovations

Royal Canadian Navy & Air Force

During the 1950s, the watchmaking manufacturer witnessed a period of innovation and creativity. In collaboration with other renowned Swiss brands, Rodania designed a mono-pusher chronograph for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force in the late 1950s.

The first Geometer

In 1952, Rodania launched the Geometer, a watch that left a major mark on the Swiss watchmaking industry, due to its significant influence on Swiss watch aesthetics and manufacturing standards, followed by the iconic Geometer Chronograph in 1954.


Rodania was also a pioneer in 1960 when it introduced the Waterman, one of the first diving watches featuring an internal rotating bezel. In 1963, the Aquaseal 333 gained recognition for its water resistance in extreme weather conditions.


Encouraged by the success of the Aqua Seal and its resistance in extreme weather conditions, Rodania developed the famous Poltimer for the 6th Belgian expedition in Antarctica, conducted under the patronage of King Baudouin.


In 1967, Rodania introduced the innovative
Hydrolastic technology, featuring a patented exclusive automatic movement mounted on a suspension system composed of three cylinders which absorbs shocks.

A new owner

The year 2022 marked a new chapter for Rodania with the acquisition of the brand by Vincent Gaye Company, a major actor in the watch distribution in Belgium for over 40 years. His vision is to revive Rodania's heritage while reinterpreting it for future generations, aiming to reestablish the brand's position as a traditional watchmaker.