Our promise


Rodania takes pride in its timepieces, offering a range with water resistance ratings from 3 ATM to 20 ATM. The meticulous assessment of these capabilities involves rigorous tests, demonstrating a commitment to precision and quality. The testing procedure includes phases such as atmospheric pressure resistance examination, underwater pressure validation, and a final examination under varying water pressures and temperatures from 5 to 60 degrees. This thorough process reflects Rodania's dedication to crafting high-precision timepieces resilient under diverse conditions.

Sapphire glass

The sapphire glass, known for its remarkable strength comparable to that of a diamond, is extremely scratch-resistant, making it an ideal material for watches.

Stainless steel

Rodania uses only the better known

316L rust free steel. With a low

carbon level to guarantee a high

resistance to corrosion.

to guarantee a high resistance to corrosion.

Swiss movement

Rodania exclusively relies on Swiss movements for all its watches, a hallmark of precision and excellence in watchmaking. These movements are primarily crafted by renowned manufacturers such as Ronda and ISA, celebrated for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

5-year warranty

All Rodania watches are covered by a 3-year international warranty. Register here to extend your warranty by 2 more years for free.