Rodania designs, produces and distributes quartz and automatic timepieces living up to the Swiss standards of highquality watchmaking. A Rodania timepiece offers you the quality of Swiss quality metal movements and sapphire crystals.


Our collections offer contemporary and timeless designs, varying from elegant to sportive elegant and classic. Fond of the luxury feel but love for a hint of casual.

Our watches

Our quality



With regards to mechanism and movement Rodania Swiss watches utilize ETA and Ronda movement.


Solid metal construction


We use different grades of steel in the production of our timepieces. Swiss made watches are almost always made with 316L surgical steel, highly resistant, malleable and hypoallergenic.


Sapphire Crystal 


The cover of a watch’s face, known as the crystal, is designed to protect the dial. Sapphire crystal is the cover of choice for premium watches. It is the most expensive type of crystal and is three times harder than mineral crystal. It is made of an extremely durable synthetic material that makes it shatterproof and scratch resistant.

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