Bieke Castelyn

You could say globetrotting is some- what of a professional hobby for Bieke. Finishing interior design projects at home and abroad is what she lives for. “BCINT_SHAPING SPACES offers interior design projects from A to Z.

Bieke Castelyn

We listen to what the client wants and try to get a feel for the client’s personal style. It’s then our job to come up with a concept and a clear vision that suits the client and translate this into the project. The interior design has to reflect the person- ality of the client. It’s what we love to do!” Her ‘Out of Line’ collection offers dining and coffee tables in odd shapes. “Today’s tables all have the same boring shape.

Besides running BCINT_SHAPING SPAC- ES, Bieke also runs BCINT_SHAPING OBJECTS. The latter is a design furniture business she gets creative with.

I wanted to come up with something new and let my imagination run free.

The goal is to create a table with a subtle and organic shape that integrates with any interior flawlessly.”

Managing all of these projects and business takes time. A lot of time. “Time is one of the few things people want to control the most. To control it is the challenge. In my business, deadlines are very important so I tend to pay a lot of attention to planning.

A timepiece that’s keeping me on the clock is of the essence!”

So what about those timepieces?

“When it comes to watches I go for design 100%. You have to fall in love with a timepiece in order for it to work for you personally.

When it comes to watches I go for design 100%

The shape, the case material, the details, the history… it all has to work, you know!? You want to know everything there is to know about this timepiece and wear it with pride.”

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