We've sat down with Pascale Mathys and her daughter Naomi for a candid interview.

Interviewer: How did you start?
Pascale: I've started as a baker 30 years ago together with my husband. He got into the bakery business through his parents and I joined the family tradition. 


Interviewer: Ok Naomi, since we're celebrating mothers, let's answer 5 questions about your mom.

  1. What is her favorite food? She loves Italian food, especially truffle pasta
  2. What's her favorite way to relax? In a lounge chair, by 25C° or more (laughs)
  3. What's her favorite travel destination? She's always had a little crush for the South of France, we've spent a lot of time over there with the family
  4. When does your mom look her best? (Thinks) She always looks great, that's why my favorite place to shop is .... her closet
  5. Why do you love your mom? It might sound cliché but she's really the best mom in the world!!!

Interviewer: So, will you be following in your mother's footsteps as a baker?
Naomi: I love helping my mom during the weekends in the bakery. It's always exciting and I like being in touch with the people. We'll see what the future holds.

Interviewer: What's the best part of having a baker as a mom?
Naomi: Oven-fresh bread and pastries every morning :)


Interviewer: What pastry would you recommend us?
Naomi: I'm a real fan of the Breton applecake. Add some vanilla ice cream to make it perfect.  


Pascale Mathys is the owner of Bakkerij Pascalina in Asse (Belgium).