One Swiss hand, one Belgian hand.

A love story is behind Rodania’s ‘dual nationality’


Very attached to its native soil and its Swiss expertise, the brand that was founded in the canton of Bern in 1930, has had a Belgian heart since the 1950’s. In this period, the company set up numerous distribution offices abroad. Its founder, Hans Baumgartner, decided to organize the worldwide distribution from the Brussels office!


inspiring history

In 1955 Hans Baumgartner entrusted a young and dynamic manager with this responsibility. His name was Manfred Aebi. This Swiss national had the perfect reason to take on this challenge: he had found love and started a family in Belgium! The subsidiary quickly prospered thanks to his visionary ideas such as the advertising and marketing of Rodania in the sports environment which he pioneered successfully.


In 1974, Manfred Aebi acquired the company and founded his own firm. Rodania’s headquarters and all the logistics business were then relocated in a region just outside of Brussels. The Aebi family ran the company until June 2007. In June 2007 the company was sold to a Belgian investors group who, in honour to the Aebi family, took the name of Montebi; but on the same time expressing the activities of the new company “montres et bijoux” (watches and jewels).


The brand today

"A good brand should feel like a good friend; a friend that inspires you to do the right thing."


Rodania has this potential.


Rodania is empowered by its heritage and iconic background it has been building for years. The brand is evolving towards a new future of creating contemporary and timeless pieces.


Rodania is an authentic brand, not fake or staged, but genuine. For real, down to earth people. A brand for every day, close to daily life, a profoundly emotional brand that is close and accessible, warm and friendly, and part of everyone’s life.


Our watches won’t let you down. They’ll follow you unfailingly, witness all your precious moments and become part and parcel of your life. Our watches are a simple reminder of how important it is to treasure the different times in your life.

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