24/10/2016De Premier Premiere

"De Premier", the new Erik Van Looy movie, was also made possible thanks to Rodania! All the characters in the movie wear watches from our Classics collection. It premiered on October 19, 2016, and we were lucky enough to attend the evening.

It was the biggest premiere ever in our country and we were among the lucky ones to see the movie first. De Premier was exceptionnally shown in all 24 cinema rooms of the Kinepolis Antwerp and was preceded by an amazing event with a 270m² red carpet and a huge logo wall! We had a great time watching a great movie: tension from start to finish, perfect casting, a great soundtrack and of course...beautiful watches. Another great job by Erik Van Looy. Rodania is certainly a proud partner!

Coming to theaters on October 26!

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30/09/2016De Premier

Rodania has landed a leading role in the new thriller from director Erik Van Looy: "De Premier” (in English: The Prime Minister)! We are very proud of this collaboration, which also allows us to support Flemish cinema. Our watches play a major role in the plot. Each one of the characters in the movie is wearing a Rodania watch, something very obvious in the movie. Real race against the clock, the film that combines action scenes and suspense looks promised to a huge success in theatres. Koen De Bouw, who’s already an ambassador for the Rodania Classics collection since April 2014, plays the role of Prime Minister. Our Rodania campaign around the movie should be launched by the end of the year in Flanders.

Synopsis: The Prime Minister is kidnapped on his way to an important meeting. He is released a few hours later at the only condition that he assassinates the president of the United States during an exclusive interview. If he doesn’t achieve this mission, his wife and children will pay the highest price. Cruel dilemma...

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28/04/2016Rodania and Samsung

An exclusive collaboration between Samsung Electronics and Rodania .

Discover all models here.
View our points of sale.

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09/02/2016Online shop

Looking for the perfect watch? Rodania has a watch for every occasion! 
Visit our brand new webshop and order your favorite Rodania watch now.

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24/12/2015Slow Time Café by Rodania

From Monday, November 30th until Sunday, December 13th the Antwerp coffee bar 'Broer Bretel' was transformed into a ' Slow Time Café by Rodania'. A new concept, coming from Berlin, where people pay for time spent and not for their consumption.

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07/05/2014Rodania becomes official watch partner of Olympique de Marseille

Rodania is proud to present you her new partner: Olympique de Marseille. The Swiss watch brand founded in 1930 has a three-year partnership agreement (2014-2017) with Olympique de Marseille. By becoming ‘official watch partner’, Rodania will sponsor the countdown time on the new giant screens and she will appear on multiple media at the stade Vélodrome.
Known and recognised in Belgium, Rodania wants to reinforce and extend her sponsoring strategy by joining the number 1 club of the Frenchmen, Olympique de Marseille. This way Rodania reaffirms its values of proximity and dynamism and wishes to develop her reputation. The prestigious brand will expose its watches in the VIP lobbies of the new stade Vélodrome during the games of Ligue 1.

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